• Pinky Sharma
    Pinky Sharma (Entrepreneur)

    Prime8 detergent is better than surf excel when it comes to automatic machines.Prime8 is better than surf excel because surf excel leaves some detergent on dark clothes. Superior quality product.

  • vinod jaat
    vinod jaat (JDA)

    Always recommend Prime8 detergent for everyone. Especially for washing machine amazing brand .Removes all the stains and can feel like new clothes after every wash. The fragrance is retained after the wash.

  • Riya
    Riya (fashion Designer)

    I took my chances instead of buying of surf excel I bought Prime8 detergent and my decision was right...product really amazed me with the quality. guys go for it.

  • Carla
    Carla (Blogger)

    Prime8 detergent is a good detergent powder to keep your clothes clean. It dissolves easily and quickly in water and gives good froth. It is suitable for Hand washing and machine wash.

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