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Stubborn mud stains on clothes

Stubborn mud stains on clothes

Is it hard to remove mud stain? A detergent manufacturer answered


Monsoon brings a lot of happiness. The drops of rain awaken our minds. The first drop of rain makes us forget all the sufferings due to the heat of summer and inspires us to start afresh. We like to stare at the falling raindrops and enjoy puffed rice with some onion or vegetable balls in the evening. These are all good and enjoyable sides of this season. But we must remember that the monsoon also brings mud along. Now let’s face another reality of monsoon. No matter what the season is, you have to go to the office and while going to the office on the road, if you unknowingly put your leg on mud, what happens next? Your dress gets dirty. A leading detergent powder manufacturer in india gave tips on how to remove tough stains of mud from your clothes.

What to do with those stubborn mud stains?

Prime8 & Apnapan is one of the best products of the famous detergent powder manufacturer in jaipur, Rajasthan . It is extremely effective on mud stains and makes your muddy clothes look their best once again. There are many options for detergent powders in the market, but it is a proven fact that Super Power works the best when it comes to removing tough stains.
In most cases, the mud gets stuck to your dress when you are out of your house and the stain already gets dry till you come home. So what is the procedure to wash those stained clothes without affecting their delicate fabrics? Follow the steps and bring back the brightness of your clothes.

The steps that will help you remove mud stains easily

Step 1: At first, you need to take off your mud-stained cloth and scrape off the excess mud from the dress. Try to rinse the remaining stain as much as possible using water of normal temperature.
Step 2: Take a little amount of the detergent Super Power and apply it on the stained surface with a toothbrush. Do not be harsh on your clothes and rub the portion gently.
Step 3: After this, take a bucket, fill half of it with normal water, and add 1 scoop of Super Power. Mix them well.
Step 4: Then dip the stained cloth in the detergent mixed water and let it soak for a while.
Step 5: Bring the dress out, wash it properly, and keep it under a shade to dry.
Step 6: Iron the dress and it’s ready to use again.


After using prime8, a product of the best detergent powder manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, you will observe that the detergent has removed all the tough stains from your clothes without compromising the delicate fabrics and colours of the clothes. Switch to Super Power and you will not regret choosing it.

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