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Tips to hand wash clothes while travelling

Tips to hand wash clothes while travelling

Detergent Powder Manufacturer’s Tips to Hand Wash Clothes While Traveling


Whether a person travels often or occasionally, one aspect that forever causes them concern is the luggage to carry. The primary reason for having a big suitcase is the unavailability of the right opportunity or equipment to wash dirty laundry.

What if we say that you can wash your dirty laundry in a sink. This is what this blog aims to help you do.

Apoorve Corporation , a detergent powder manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, brings the best tips to help you wash your dirty travel clothes in your hotel’s sink efficiently. No need to drag large luggage behind.

Five Tips to Hand Wash Clothes in A Sink

Before we get into the tips, it is essential to note that travel laundry tips begin with clothes designed for travel. Jeans are a big “no, no.” Good travel clothes are the ones that do not easily wrinkle; they are more comfortable to wear, they pack more tightly and dry much faster than ordinary clothes.

Now, let’s get into the tips.

  • Separate Colours – It might be a bit obvious but still worth reminding – separate white clothes from coloured clothes to prevent colour bleeding. It is best to leave your whites at home to make the process easier.

  • Fill the Sink with Warm, Soapy Water – Clog the drain with a sink stopper and fill the sink with water that is warm to the touch. Soaking clothes in water that is too hot can cause colour bleeding. While filling the sink with water, add some Super Power detergent powder to create a soapy solution.

  • Time for Spin Cycle – Add your dirty clothes to the soapy solution and gently swirl them around in the sink. Scrub the dirtier clothes by rubbing the fabric against itself.

  • Soak the Clothes – After a thorough scrubbing, let the clothes sit in the water. When the water gets dirty, drain it and refill the sink with clean, water. According to Apoorve Corporation, a detergent powder manufacturer in jaipur  five minutes of soaking should be enough for most clothes. In case of more soiled “loads,” let them sit for up to thirty minutes.

  • Rinse Out the Soap – Drain the water from the sink and rinse the clothes directly under the running tap to wash away any remaining detergent. Take the clothes out to dry when you see the water running clear instead of forming cloudy or soapy bubbles.

Now, How Do I Get the Clothes Dry?
It’s a simple four-step process, says a, a prime8 detergent powder Manufacturer.

  • Wring, Wring, Wring – After rinsing, thoroughly wring out each item of clothing as much as possible.

  • Roll Up in a Towel – Lay the clothing items one at a time on full-sized or travel towels. Roll up the towel tightly to wring even more water from your clothes.

  • Re-shape Your Clothes – Open up the roll and re-shape your clothes.

  • Hang Your Clothes – Hang your clothes to dry outdoors or near a fan or window to speed up the drying process.

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