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Steps to wash your utensils with dishwar bar

Steps to wash your utensils with dishwar bar

The Right Dishwashing Order?: Dishwash Bar Manufacturer Explains

Washing dishes is a necessary chore that we all hate doing. Therefore, we  are always actively looking to help our customers make their dishwashing efficient.

 when people start washing the dirtier dishes first, they unintentionally transfer grease and grime to the cleaner ones. This reduces efficiency and increases the time spent at the sink.

Instead, everyone should start with the cleanest and end with the dirtiest. This simple tip will make your dishwashing routine 10x faster and easier.

Here is the order that you can follow –

1) Crystal & Glassware

Start your dishwashing routine with the drinking glass as they have the least crease. If you clean the glassware later in your dishwashing routine, all the grease from the dirtiest dishes will cling onto the glassware. After rinsing the glasses, remember to wipe them with a clean cloth to avoid watermarks.

2) Spoons & Forks

Next are the spoons and forks. Do not rub too harshly, as this may remove the polish and shine of your spoons. You can use our prime8 scrubbers to easily remove the stains and oils without tiring your hands or losing the polish.

3) Bowls & Plates

Now comes dirtier dish wares – the bowls and the plates. you should start washing from the back of the dishes to the surface that you ate from. If the surface feels oily, you can use hot water to remove the grease.

4) Serving Plates

Serving plates usually endures more grease and dirt than the above utensils. To wash it effectively, all you need is hot water and our premium quality dish wash bar, prime8 Dishwash. Our dish bar’s multiple enzymes will not only get rid of the stickiness but also leave a unique aroma to your serving plates.

5) Pots and Pans

Since these are naturally going to be the most-greasy after cooking your favourite meals, these should be saved for the last.

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